"Beary" Important Facts...

School starts at 8:10 and ends at 3:00

First Few Days...We know that all day kindergarten is going to be a big adjustment for most kids.  Children at this age, especially if they have never been enrolled in any type of formal schooling, are not used to an all day schedule.   By the end of the day most of them are wiped out!  We will do our best to take frequent rest breaks, inside and outside play breaks, and yes frequent bathroom breaks!  You can help at home by making sure they eat a good breakfast before they come to school, getting them to bed on time, asking them about their day, and being very patient with them for the first few weeks.  With everyone helping it WILL get easier for them and they WILL adjust beautifully!

 How do I get home... The first day (and even week) of school your child will probably be somewhat uncertain as to how they will get home from school.  To alleviate this stress please make sure you communicate with your child how they will get home.   It may be as simple as writing their bus number on a slip of paper for them.

 Lunch...At school!  Another first for your kindergartener!  Money for your child's lunch account can be sent to school in your child's BEE binder (which they will receive the first week of school).  Checks can be made out to VSE.  If you are sending cash please seal it in an envelope marked with your child's name.  If your child's lunch  account is low the lunch room helpers stamp a dollar sign ($) on your child's hand so that they have a reminder to take home.

I encourage you to come eat with your child at least once during the school year.  They love the visits!

B.U.N.N.Y. Binders...All mail (work, letters, etc.) will come home in your child's BUNNY binders daily.  BUNNY stands for Bring Useful Notes & News to You.  It is an organizational tool that I provide for every student.  I hope you find it as helpful as I do.  Your child will receive their BUNNY binder the first week of school.  Inside you will find an explanation on what the BUNNY binder is and how we use it.

Please make a habit of checking your child's bag daily- you never now what treasures you might find!  

 Visiting Our Classroom...Parents are always welcome to visit our classroom for an hour, a few hours, for lunch, or even the whole day.  We love to have the company!  I do, however, ask that you let me know you will be coming.  Sometimes we have testing, other visitors, special projects, etc. that are best done without distractions.  I also ask that you wait until at least the 3rd week of school to visit.  Waiting a few weeks helps your child and his/her classmates establish a daily routine.  ALSO:  Please make sure you always check in at the office before heading to our classroom!  Thanks!

Volunteers... I welcome parent volunteers into our classroom and encourage you to volunteer at least once this year!  Volunteers in the past have: helped with parties, supervised center time, read with kids, helped with art projects, gone on field trips, cut out flashcards, etc.  Some of the volunteer work can even be done at home if you can't make it into the school.  At the beginning of the year I send home a volunteer sheet asking for your help.  Please consider giving some time to your child's classroom.  It makes him/her feel very special.

  Early Pick-up... If you plan to pick your child up early from school please try and send a note to school in advance.  On the day you pick them up please go to the office and ask for your child to be dismissed.

Change in transportation plans... If there is a change in how your child will travel home on a certain day, please send a note.  For example, if your child normally rides the bus but you are going to pick them up instead just send a quick note saying, "I am picking up ___ after school today."  Also, make sure your child knows where you will pick them up.

Getting to School Late...  If your child arrives at school anytime after 8:15 (after attendance has been taken) they will need to go to the office first so that they know he/she has arrived. 

NOTE:  School starts at 8:10 and ends at 3:00

Birthday Treats... The BV school district has asked that, if you are going to send something to school to celebrate your child's birthday, it needs to be a non-food item.  In the past kids have brought pencils, prisms, medals, yo-yos, play-doh, etc.  I think they find most of these items in the party isle at any store.

Invitations to Parties... I know it is easy to send birthday invitations to school with your child (as opposed to mailing them.)  I have no problem with invitations being sent to school as long as every girl (if it's a girl party) or boy (if it's a boy party) receives one. Tender kindergarten feelings get hurt quickly!  If you are only inviting a few of the students, please find others ways to get them their invitation.